You may or may not know, that apart from our delicious Cheese, Olympus Cheese also has a yummy Yoghurt range. We sell both Natural unsweetened yoghurt and Greek unsweetened yoghurt. Today, we want to talk about Greek Yogurt in particular (or yoghurt as we still say in Australia) and answer some common questions. Why is plain Greek Yogurt good for you? How is Greek Yogurt any different to other assortments of yoghurt? One thing’s for sure, it is becoming much more popular and in this blog, we will consider the health perks as well as adaptability in cooking with Greek yogurt and why you should include it into your diet.

Why is plain Greek Yogurt good for you compared to other plain yoghurts?

There are many reasons why Greek yoghurt is one of those dairy products which get a big tick of approval. Whilst regular unsweetened yoghurt is fantastic, Greek has a few more benefits. Provided it is unsweetened there are many advantages to Greek-style yoghurt. Let us run through some of the main benefits.

Greek Yogurt has less whey

Like regular yogurt, Greek yogurt is formed by adding active bacteria to milk which causes it to ferment. Fermentation alters lactose into lactic acid. As a result, it is given it’s “bitter” flavour and creamy composition that we delight in so much. However, Greek yogurt is sifted through a cheesecloth several times. The extra strain cuts out more of the whey from milk and gives it a much heavier texture.

More bang for your buck

Greek yogurt has half the sodium, almost twice as much protein and half the carbohydrates as regular yogurt. This helps to bolster the impression of fullness, which makes it an excellent choice in the mornings for breakfast, as it will help you last longer without feeling empty. While Greek yogurt tends to have a little less calcium than regular yogurt, it still has almost 20 percent of your daily needs.

The pros of probiotics

One of the most significant health benefits of absorbing yogurt on a regular basis is the presence of probiotics. The reason why plain Greek yogurt is good for you is because it has a greater percentage of probiotics due to its concentration. Yogurt is the most common source of naturally occurring probiotics in food consumed by Australians.

The main pros of probiotics are: Ensuring proper digestion, Absorption of nutrients and Immune health

Tips on including Greek yoghurt in your diet

This health food is wonderful on its own or when mixed in with other ingredients in a dish. Here are a couple of tips that can assist you with maximizing the taste and the health benefits:

  • First, make sure to store the yoghurt in its original container.
  • Substitute Greek yoghurt for sour cream and mayonnaise, or for eggs when baking.
  • Top this snack with some fresh fruit or granola for added protein, nutrients and flavour.
  • Keep in mind that heating yoghurt too high will destroy the beneficial bacteria. If you must use it in hot foods, try stirring some hot food into it rather than applying it to the food directly.


Want to add more Greek Yoghurt to your diet? Add to dips and dressings instead of mayo or sour cream. Or add a big dollop to your morning smoothie for a daily dose of probiotics. Also, try our Greek yoghurt popsicles. Or you can learn more about our Greek yoghurt range here.