Since the company’s inception in 1974 Olympus Cheese has seen many changes. The past 44 years have seen us expand from home-based production to a factory and move from West End to a larger factory in Coorparoo. Along the way, we have increased equipment and with it, production. Demand for our cheese range and particularly our halloumi, has been growing and was greater than what we could produce in the space. The solution? Expansion! We have expanded into a neighbouring factory, and with all that new space, we were able to reassess our processes to increase production. The result is some shiny and wonderful new equipment carefully selected to help us produce more fresh cheese with a more consistent quality and yield.

All the way from Cyprus

Adhering to Cypriot traditions in our halloumi cheesemaking, meant that we had to source from the best. Our new cheesemaking line hails from Cyprus and is world-class equipment set up for optimal halloumi making. It is a semi-automated cheese line, which allows for better efficiencies and a better yield for making our signature halloumi product, and subsequent ricotta and fetta production. The process still allows us to be hands-on with the cheesemaking which is important to us. However, it takes away many of the labour-intensive parts of large-scale cheese production such as hand stirring and lifting the heavy cheese blocks.

Check out some process photos of our new halloumi cheesemaking line


First cook




Second cook


Minting and folding


Now that we’re in full production with our new equipment, we can bring you more of our Queensland-made fresh halloumi, made from 100% Queensland milk. 

Made with love, without preservatives and in a range of sizes to suit your needs – minted, chef size or the big buckets for that serious halloumi love! 

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