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Fresh Ricotta


Olympus Ricotta is a mild, creamy, spreadable fresh cheese. Made from the sweet whey leftover from making Olympus Halloumi, we cook the whey and then add fresh cow’s milk to create the characteristic white, smooth, fresh curd cheese with a mild, creamy taste and thick texture. Olympus Ricotta is a good source of calcium and magnesium. Being low in salt and fat (about 10 percent), it is an ideal food for people who are health conscious.


Olympus Ricotta contains whey, pasteurised cow’s milk, salt and acetic acid.

Storing Our Ricotta

Olympus fresh Ricotta should be stored in an airtight container below 4degC and consumed within two days of opening.

All Olympus Cheese is made using local Queensland Dairy Farmers, proud supporters of QLD Dairy.