Is food something you are passionate about? Whether you love to cook with great local produce, or simply love good food, we understand that the origins of the product you’re choosing are important. Where the product has come from, how it was made, what it is made from and who is selling it. We believe it is so important to foster this culture of accountability and transparency around the food we eat and the way it gets to the table. We’re so glad you’re with us! Find out all about the Olympus Cheese story, from the farm to the table.

The Farm

All good cheese starts with the best milk. We use pasteurised Queensland milk for our halloumi, fetta, ricotta and yoghurt from dairy cow and buffalo farms on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. Happy cows on a balanced diet which includes grass fed and a balanced type of feed produces good cheese making milk. Our cheese changes with the seasons and tells the story of the land it comes from. This is the natural way of cheese making. We prefer it that way.

The factory

You may be surprised to know, that your favourite cheese is made in the heart of Brisbane, Queensland, only 4km from Brisbane CBD. Our cheese factory is in Coorparoo, in Queensland. We have been making cheese since 1974, with our beginnings in West End. The original owner, Mr Con Bouras began making cheese from his garage after his retirement. The recipe was so delicious he was soon inundated with orders! Olympus Cheese has been owned by Michael and Desiree Gavriel for the past 20 years, and Con’s son George works there still. Find out more about our history.


If you are vegetarian, you will be pleased to know we use non-animal rennet in our cheesemaking. This also accommodates people of different religions. Our biggest product line is our Olympus Halloumi and Chef’s Halloumi. We make our delicious halloumi three times per day to a time-honoured Cypriot recipe. To produce the best-quality cheese for our customers, we prefer to be hands-on with our cheesemaking. However, to be able to keep up with production demands, we have recently introduced some new equipment with semi-automated elements to do this at a greater capacity.


If pure, unadulterated produce is important to you, you will be happy to know it is important to us too. All our cheeses and yoghurt no colours, preservatives, or artificial flavours. Our yoghurt has no added sugar. Our fresh cheese is packed within 48 hours of production.

Bringing it all to you

Our products are provided to distributors, who liaise with our wonderful retailers and food service providers throughout Queensland and across Australia. This allows us to get on with what we love to do best!

Buying Olympus Cheese

You will find Olympus Cheese products only in IGA’S, speciality grocers and delis. We are passionate about supporting local businesses, and we do not sell to the larger chain retail stores. Want to know where to find Olympus? Check our stockists page for more info.

Eating out with us

Olympus Cheese is popular with local cafes and restaurants, who favour the pure, creamy qualities of our cheese and yoghurt as well as our support of local farmers and small business. We feature some of these amazing cafes in our On the Menu articles. We encourage you to try out their delicious options. Are you a café who uses our product? Be sure to tag us in your pics on Instagram. Or get in touch and we might be able to feature you in our next article!

Eating at home

Olympus Cheese has graced your tables and been in your favourite dishes since 1974. We love to be a part of your favourite home recipes. For lots of recipes and food ideas featuring Olympus Cheese and Yoghurt, head to our recipes section. Be sure to share your creations with us Instagram or Facebook!