This week Olympus Cheese co-owner Michael Gavriel was on the radio representing everybody’s favourite squeaky cheese, Halloumi. Talking Lifestyle Radio’s Ed Phillips and Chef Daniel interviewed him for the Better Living Program. Olympus Cheese has been making halloumi for the past 30 years, but the past 10 years have seen a big rise in its popularity. It has gone from being a cheese eaten primarily by the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern communities, to a national favourite. Most cafes have a little halloumi on the menu somewhere. Often, it’s ours – especially in Brisbane 🙂 So it makes sense that everyone is a little curious as to what it’s all about. We include the excerpt from Michael’s interview below on halloumi cheesemaking…as well as give you a few more facts about the golden treasure that is halloumi!

The holler on halloumi

Halloumi originated in Cyprus, made traditionally on goat and or sheep milk. At Olympus Cheese – we make halloumi with cow’s milk.  It is a brined cheese which is unripened.  Halloumi is unique because you can cook with it without it melting. So halloumi lends itself perfectly (in flavour and texture) to frying or grilling (although you can also eat it without cooking at all!). Halloumi has a salty flavour due to the brine. Some halloumi varieties are saltier than others, often depending on the length of time in the brine or perhaps the type of milk used. So if you have dismissed halloumi as too salty, try other brands to find one you are happy with. (Hint…Olympus Halloumi isn’t traditionally as salty as some other halloumi so you can slice it quite thickly and use it in many ways. It also has the signature mint leaves through, which our customers love!)

Halloumi is great fried or grilled just on its own with lemon. Or it can be tossed through a salad to add protein and interest. It is great paired with anything sweet to balance the salty savoury flavours. Halloumi and watermelon salad or halloumi and pomegranate are big favourites across the country.

Michael talks to Ed and Chef Daniel about halloumi cheesemaking

Olympus Cheese co-owner Michael Gavriel answers questions about the art of halloumi cheesemaking, as well as some anecdotes on our time in business and what it takes to make a great halloumi cheese. Hear the interview below. We also picked up an awesome joke mentioned by one of their listeners…”What does the cheese say when it looks in the mirror? Halloumi!”

Thank you to Ed Phillips and Chef Daniel for having Michael on Talking Lifestyle Radio – Better Living 

Want more info on halloumi?

Halloumi cheesemakingLearn more about Olympus Halloumi or Olympus buffalo halloumi here. Or check out our hashtag on Instagram #olympushalloumi for the many meal ideas using our products. If you’d like to know the best way to cook and eat halloumi, also check out our recent article How to fry halloumi cheese.