Exciting News from the Olympus Cheese Factory…

  • At the recent DIAA awards in Melbourne the Olympus Buffalo Milk Halloumi won a Gold Award and the Olympus Buffalo milk Fetta won a Silver award.
  • Olympus Cheese now has this award winning Buffalo milk Halloumi and Buffalo milk Fetta available. These are in random weight retail size packs and are available at selected retailers. Buffalo Halloumi and Fetta can be used in exactly the same way as cows milk Halloumi and Fetta, but has its own distinct flavour.
  • Buffalo milk has a higher percentage of milk solids and therefore provides higher levels of protein, fat and minerals than cows milk.
  • Buffalo milk has a lower colesterol content and is rich in calcium.
  • Cows produce 15 – 20L of milk per day where as Buffalo will produce only 7 – 11L per day.


We are proud to announce the addition of 3 new Fetta cheese products to our range…

  • We now offer a 200g tub of Fetta in brine, this is perfect for customers whom require a smaller quanity rather than purchasing our 1 or 2kg buckets. Next we have developed a 200g tub of Cracked Black Pepper Fetta, this versatile cheese is a great addition to salads, anitipasto or as it is on a cracker. Lastly we have improved our 250g tub of Marinated Fetta, with a new blend of locally sourced sunflower oil and extra virgin olive oil and improved mix of herbs, garlic and spices this cheese is tastier than ever. This fetta can be used in a large range of dishes, just let ur imagination go wild. All of our products can be purchased in store or through any of our stockists or suppliers, check under the “stockist” tab above. Happy shopping 🙂