We are very excited to be launching our new-look Olympus Cheese website, to complement our new packaging and products. We have been working hard to produce a site and content which is exciting for lovers of cheese across Australia. Most of all, user- friendly – for us and you! This will allow us to do more to help the community satisfy their cheese obsessions. We have plenty of yummy pics, recipes and news. Let us take you through everything that’s changed with the company, and some of the fancy bits of the website which we hope you’ll love! So what’s new with Olympus Cheese?

New product packaging

Olympus Cheese has adopted new packaging and an enhanced logo. We have a slick new pack incorporating olive branches. This is a tribute to the Cypriot traditions of our cheesemaking. Our packaging has been streamlined across all our products to be instantly recognisable. We know we have many loyal customers to the Olympus brand. So now when you or your customers are in the Dairy section of your favourite boutique retailer, you always know where we are. Just look for the white, blue and gold!

New products

Olympus is now making a couple of new products which have become very popular!


We have been producing Natural Unsweetened Yoghurt and Greek Style Unsweetened Yoghurt since late 2015. Our yoghurts are pot set for a creamy texture. We don’t use any thickeners, preservatives or add sugar to our yoghurt. (The first 4.7g/100g of sugar in dairy is lactose and not counted towards sugar intake).

What you get, is pure, unadulterated creamy goodness. Our yoghurt is perfect for your fruit or cereal in the morning, or as an addition to smoothies, dips or cooking.

Buffalo milk cheeses

We now also make your favourite cheeses on Buffalo milk sourced from Maleny, using non-animal rennet. Buffalo milk gives our cheese an earthy, mild flavour. It’s fast becoming a firm favourite of Olympus customers!

You can try buffalo milk cheese in our range of:

Our New Website Features

Our website is now mobile-responsive. It also has an easy drop-down menu offering more information on our full range of products.

We tell you how we make our cheese

Wonder how our cheese is made? We tell you all about it! From where in Queensland our milk comes from, to our cheesemaking philosophy. Step through the process of cheesemaking for our most popular varieties. We hope you can see the love and care that we bring to all aspects of getting Olympus Cheese from the farm to your table.

Up to date info on how to get it

Our wholesale and retail stockists are growing, and we want to make sure you get the most recent info on who they are. Our stockists’ section has an easy enquiry form so that you can always get an up-to-date answer on where you can buy Olympus Cheese products in your area.

Recipes and news

For cheese-lovers everywhere, we also showcase recipes developed using Olympus Cheese products – and yes – they are printable!!!! We add to this a great section on all the news of Olympus Cheese – from new products and ideas on how to use our existing ones, to the latest food events and even some of the awards we can’t help bragging about!

So come on over to the website and check it all out! We can’t wait to put it to great use keeping you all informed on us, what we do, and MOST importantly, give you all the latest news on our favourite subject…cheese. There may even be a few more cheesy puns – or two thrown in for good measure!

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About Olympus Cheese

Olympus Cheese hand makes our signature cheeses halloumi, ricotta and Australian-style fetta and yoghurts in our Brisbane factory. Our cheesemaking and yoghurt making process honours traditional methods and is underpinned by our philosophy of providing pure, locally sourced dairy products. We do not use preservatives in any of our products, and we use an Australian-style non-animal rennet on cow’s milk and buffalo milk.