marinated labneh

The newest cheese on the block; our Marinated Labneh is a smooth and creamy Middle Eastern cheese with a slight tang. Our Labneh is a small batch product made from our clean and simple Greek Yoghurt.

From pasturised fresh QLD cow’s milk, we create our Greek Yoghurt which is packed full of live cultures (those good-for-your-gut probiotics). The process takes one week from start to finish to get our Labneh to the right flavor pallet and consistency to shape into balls. It is then added to a pot with aromatic mixed herbs with a blended oil.

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Serving Suggestions

Olympus Labneh is a great substitute for cream cheese as it is lower in fat and can improve gut health. The list is endless when it comes to serving your Olympus Labneh, eat it on a spoon straight from the tub, spread it onto toasted bagels, elevate roasted veggies with a dollop on top, stuff it into mini capsicum or use it as the star on a cheese board.


Olympus Labneh contains pasteurised cows’ milk, milk solids, live cultures, garlic, chilli, thyme, oregano and a blended oil.

Storing Labneh Cheese

The benefit of our marinated Labneh is that the oil acts as a way of preserving the cheese. Keep submerged under the oil at all times in the sealed container and make sure to use a clean spoon or knife to prevent contamination. Store in the fridge for up to 12 months.

Olympus Labneh is available in

marinated labneh

250g tub

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