We know that halloumi is great simply fried and served with a generous squeeze of lemon. It’s also the perfect addition to your BBQ or breakfast. But halloumi is so nice as a snack or starter too. We thought, why not round up some of our favourite halloumi starter and snack style recipes? Ones which we know go really well with Olympus Halloumi. So we’ve got 7 of our favourite ideas for bringing out the flavour of our minted, buffalo or chefs halloumi varieties. As with most of our recipes, they’re pretty easy to make and even easier to eat. Bon appetit!

1. Serve with a dollop of your favourite condiment

An easy way to serve a halloumi starter or snack is to cut into bite-sized pieces, fry and top with your favourite condiment. For chilli lovers, a chilli jam goes perfectly here. Try a Queensland local version such as Jamworks Fig & Chilli Paste (they also have other non-chilli options too!). Or a cranberry paste ala this Grilled Halloumi Served 2 Ways recipe from Sprinkle and Sprout. There are a number of wonderful cheese pastes out there, which you may never have thought could pair with halloumi. Your local independent retailer will probably stock something different and delicious to try. A sweeter variety will probably suit our buffalo halloumi, while a stronger chilli or savoury flavour will pair well with our minted or chef’s halloumi.

2. Wrapped in bacon

Combine two of your favourite things and be done with it! A piece of smoky bacon or pancetta is delicious wrapped around our halloumi. You could also try adding a little something extra. Perhaps Bacon Wrapped Halloumi Jalapenos will hit the spot? Or for a milder alternative, you could go for Baked Figs with Halloumi, Proscuitto and Basil.

3. Halloumi, mint and preserved lemon cigars

This recipe is sooo good! We love it because it looks really impressive, and is something different that you don’t see every day. Take filo pastry and lovingly wrap it around halloumi, preserved lemon and fresh mint. Chargrill until pastry is crisp and golden. Nom nom. This Haloumi, mint and preserved lemon cigars recipe featured on SBS food is an absolute winner for our halloumi, especially our buffalo milk variety!

4. Halloumi fries

No starter roundup would be complete without an ode to halloumi fries. Perfect for a casual affair at home! Try our recipe for halloumi fries and easy yoghurt dipping sauce. You could also try out this gorgeous recipe from Olive Magazine for Halloumi Fries, which is an ode to a famous dish from Oli Baba’s showcasing coriander and a scattering of pomegranate jewels.

5. Watermelon and halloumi bites

Watermelon and halloumi go so beautifully together. Why not combine those ingredients for an easy starter which goes down particularly well in the summer months? Simply cube watermelon and set it aside. Then cube and cook your halloumi until crispy and golden on the outside. Pierce a piece of watermelon and a piece of halloumi with toothpicks, and serve immediately. (You can also serve this dish with uncooked halloumi too!)

6. Chorizo and halloumi starter

Good quality chorizo goes so so well with our minted Olympus halloumi. The crisp-on-the-outside-soft-in-the-middle texture is the perfect match for chorizo. Our Chorizo and Halloumi Starter recipe offers 10 Dipping Sauce options for this combination as well as ripe cherry tomatoes.

7. Zucchini halloumi fritters

Another great starter idea is to make little zucchini and halloumi fritters which you can serve with a yoghurt sauce and perhaps a little chilli too. We love Cook it Real Good’s recipe Zucchini Halloumi Fritters. She also shows you how to reheat them if you’ve made them ahead, which is always a good idea. Cassie used Olympus Halloumi  so we know they are tried and tested!

More ways with halloumi 

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