Breakfast bowls or buddha bowls are a great healthy option, but they shouldn’t be tasteless or boring. Enter halloumi! Halloumi really is that treat you want on your plate which turns an ah-meh breakfast into ah-mazing! It always makes a healthy meal tasty and more satisfying to power you through. With that in mind, we set out to find the best breakfast bowl ideas to make your own Olympus Halloumi breakfast bowl at home.

Rather than being a prescriptive recipe, we are giving you the tips and tricks to help you construct your next masterpiece which fits your taste and lifestyle. And a few ideas on combos you might like to try. So let’s get cracking (see what we did there!)

Start with your grain

Firstly, find a grain to layer on the bottom of your bowl. You could try brown rice or buckwheat, quinoa or freekeh. Something nutty and flavoursome is always nice. Cook your grain and then construct and cook any other ingredients while it’s bubbling away.

Flavour the base

We’re not big fans of ‘plain grain’ but if you’re a purist you can skip this part. You can add some natural flavours through your grain at this stage. That could be in the form of a herby garlic-yoghurt dressing mixed through. Or even chopping some almonds or adding toasted sesame seeds can also be a welcome bit of deliciousness.

Eggcellent ideas

While you pop your grain on, you should also think about eggs. We love a soft boiled egg in this instance. You can cook it a little ahead and it stays oozy and warm in its shell until you’re ready to assemble.

Veg out

A breakfast bowl should be an ode to health and vitality. Find your favourite vegetables and give them some simple love. Some lightly cooked or fresh tomatoes perhaps, garlicky mushrooms, wilted spinach or kale, grilled broccoli and of course, the essential sliced avocado are all great options.

Now, the pies de resistance for your halloumi breakfast bowl…

Always leave your halloumi until last. That way, it’s luscious, warm and inviting. Just the way it’s meant to be. Our Olympus halloumi is a salt-reduced variety. That means you can use a little more of it and it doesn’t overpower all those health vibes you’ve got going on.

Assemble that bad boy and let’s eat

Start with your grainy mixture. Next add vegetables, eggs, and of course, your halloumi. You might like to sprinkle with some turmeric and ground sesame seeds for additional flavour.

Halloumi breakfast bowl recipes we love

There are a few recipes that are seriously drool-worthy if you’d like some more ideas. Freedom Wellness has a yummy Halloumi Breakfast Bowl made with quinoa and the added flavour of chilli and tahini. If you are a nuts and seeds lover, this Green Breakfast Bowl from Kimberly Parsons is definitely one to try.
Or if you’re looking to go all out on something different, you should definitely make John Gregory-Smith’s Beetroot Borani and Halloumi Breakfast Bowl recipe. The dukkah, the beetroot, the yoghurt mixed with delicious couscous and plenty of mint and halloumi is an absolute winner!

More ways with halloumi 

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