With spring now in the air, delicious yoghurt is sure to be coming back into your life as a healthy treat. But here’s the dilemma: the best yoghurt usually has a short shelf life. Good yoghurt is made as simply as possible, with no additives and all the goodness in tact. So once you crack open the lid you only have a few days in which to use it. How do you make the most of that gorgeous tub of yoghurt in that time? Easily! Here’s the ultimate Greek Yoghurt ideas list, giving you 9 ways to use up your 1kg yoghurt in 4 days from breakfasts right through to desserts. That way, there is no need to reach for the brand that’s full of additives, and every reason to enjoy your Olympus Greek-Style Yoghurt tub right down to the last spoonful.

A word on yoghurt choice

When it comes to choosing it, you should know that all yoghurts are not the same. Some contain a truckload of sugar, as well as thickeners and other additives. If health is important to you, reading the label (on the back not the front!) will help. You can also look for a yoghurt which has been made as simply as possible. Choosing a pot set yoghurt can help with ensuring this, as the milk and cultures are added directly to the tub. This means that there is no need to add thickeners or stabilisers to the yoghurt. However, some yoghurts which aren’t pot set are additive free too.

When it comes to low fat vs full fat, it comes down to flavour choice (although full fat usually has less sugar). The Heart Foundation has recently said full fat dairy is a viable option for health conscious individuals:

“We have removed our restriction for healthy Australians on eating full-fat milk, cheese and yogurt. While the evidence was mixed, this type of dairy was found to have a neutral effect, in that it doesn’t increase or decrease your risks for heart disease or stroke,“ Heart Foundation Chief Medical Advisor, cardiologist Professor Garry Jennings, said.

Why Greek-Style Yoghurt?

Whilst both Unsweetened Natural and Greek Yoghurts are good for your health, Greek Yoghurt has slightly different qualities. Greek yoghurt differs from natural yoghurt due to the way it is made. It is strained more times, removing more of the whey and lactose. This makes it much higher in protein, with less carbs than regular yoghurt. Texture-wise it is thicker and does lend itself well to savoury dishes. So without further ado, lets check out some “use up the yoghurt” recipes that we enjoy here in the Olympus household.

Here are Greek Yoghurt ideas for 9 new ways over 4 days:

1. Make a Greek yoghurt breakfast bowl

Enjoy the simplicity of great yoghurt with delicious in-season produce, some granola, toasted nuts and maybe a sprinkling of cinnamon to kick off your day like a queen (or king!). Actually, we love a bowl of Greek yoghurt for dessert as well!


2. Make a bircher muesli

It’s exciting waking up to remember you have soaked a delicious bowl of Bircher Muesli in the fridge overnight. There are a number of recipes out there. We love Donna Hay’s Bircher Muesli which contains almond milk for soaking overnight and Greek Yoghurt to serve.


3. Drink your protein

A Greek yoghurt smoothie is both nutritious and satiating as a pre or post-workout treat, or any time really. With berries in season at the moment, try this delicious Frozen Strawberry Smoothie. You could substitute strawberries for any berries you like. A frozen berry makes a thick, creamy smoothie. Or try changing it up with a frozen banana, honey and cinnamon!

4. Substitute

You can substitute Greek yoghurt in place of sour cream or even cream! Try it in your wrap, or atop your tacos for a healthier option. A yummy soup is also made even yummier with a generous dollop of Greek Yoghurt on top. This adds a tangy rich flavour which is perfect to balance a sweet pumpkin soup or even a tomato soup.


5. Make bread

Flatbreads are a staple in the Olympus household, made with just two ingredients – flour and Olympus Greek-Style Yoghurt! Start with an even ratio of 1:1 and mix together to form your dough. Add more flour if necessary to form a workable consistency. When ready, knead your dough and roughly form balls which you then roll out to your desired size on a lightly oiled surface . To cook, simply fry flatbreads in a hot pan and serve immediately. A perfect accompaniment to your soup or to dip into a luscious curry or casserole. If you’d like a recipe, Cook it Real Good’s FlatBread Recipe has got you!


6. Dip it or dress it!

A gorgeous tzatziki or creamy yoghurt dressing has all the luxury and creaminess while still being good for you! For lunch or dinner, Greek yoghurt is the perfect accompaniment to a piece of delicious salmon or as a dip for chicken or meatballs. You can dollop a little on the side, or blend with garlic and dill and drizzle over baby potatoes, spinach and hot smoked salmon. Why not try this out our delicious Salmon and Easy Yoghurt Dressing recipe for a special occasion!


7. Let it marinate

Did you know that Greek yoghurt is an amazing marinade? Used in many Indian dishes, it helps to tenderise the meat by breaking down the lactic acid. You can find out about the science of yoghurt marinating here. We would also recommend trying out these simple and amazing Yoghurt Baked Chicken Pieces from Stay at Home Mum.

8. A healthier dessert

Yoghurt is a wonderful dessert option. A little bowl of yoghurt whipped with cinnamon and a little honey is a lovely way to end the day. Or try this Greek Yoghurt Chocolate Mousse, which uses 2 cups of Greek yoghurt. Our Whipped Ricotta with Honey and Yoghurt is also delicious as is our Espresso Yoghurt Semifreddo.

9. Snack attack

Still got a little yoghurt left over? Why not whip up some muffins? Yoghurt is a beautifully moist addition to a cake or muffin recipe. For something easy, try this delicious Greek Yoghurt Blueberry Muffins recipe, which is uber popular. This one contains less sugar, which we love too.

So there you have it, our 9 Greek yoghurt ideas to help you use up your entire tub in the time required. We hope you enjoy some of these recipes at home with your Olympus Greek-Style Unsweetened Yoghurt.

Get us to the Greek!

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