Olympus Fetta is a consistent award-winner having been crowned Australia’s Champion Fetta at the Grand Dairy Awards of Australia in 2002 and winning numerous awards since then, including a Gold at the 2008 Brisbane Cheese Awards.

Our Fetta is very white, and mild in taste with a creamy, firm texture that cuts easily and is more of an open-textured cheese, due to our short maturation process. We produce an Australian-style fetta which is lower in salt content than many imported styles and is gentle on the palate.

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Serving Suggestions

Olympus Fetta is ideal for use in salads, as a table cheese and is also superb for baking in tarts and pastries, including the popular Greek savoury pastry, Spanakopita, using filo pastry, spinach and fetta.


Olympus Fetta contains pasteurised cow’s milk, starter cultures, non-animal rennet and salt.

Storing Our Fetta

Olympus Fetta sold in tubs in brine has a shelf life of up to six months and should be stored below 3˚C. Our vacuum-packed fetta portions contain no preservatives so should be stored below 3˚C and consumed within three days of opening.

Olympus Fetta is available in



Vacuum packed 200 g portion

fetta cubed

200g tub in brine

500g Fetta

500g tub in brine

1kg fetta

1kg tub in brine

2kg fetta

2kg tub in brine

9kg tub in brine

Award-winning cheese

Olympus Fetta recently won a Silver Medal in the 2019 Dairy Industry Association of Australia Dairy Product Competition.

Olympus Fetta won a Silver Medal in the 2018 Dairy Industry Association of Australia Dairy Product Competition 

2018 dairy industry australia product competition silver awar

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