Brisbane has often been called the “brunch capital of Australia.” However, there are some fantastic recipe developers here in Brissy helping us to create the perfect meal at home. These guys help and inspire more people across Australia (and the world) to get into the kitchen and cook for themselves. One such talented creature is Cassie Heibron from Cook it Real Good.  We had been chatting a lot on Instagram (as you do) but realised, “hey, we live in the same city, let’s meet up.”

Recently, she came to visit us at the factory in Coorparoo to see our cheesemaking in action. We teed up this meeting just before Cassie’s month of Greek recipes. Greek cooking is very cheese-focused and we were happy to provide her with the goods to roll out some Mediterranean-inspired delights! Cassie told us her husband is Greek, and if you know Greeks, you know that means she needs to know what she’s doing when it comes to the food!

Food Philosophies

Cassie’s passion is to offer “quick, easy and healthy recipes, with a bit of indulgence mixed in for good measure.” We think that’s a pretty fantastic way to approach food, and a philosophy we also share in our recipes. We also believe that knowing your brands is important when you’re shopping. Knowing where your food comes from, how it was produced is so important to providing the right nutrition to suit you and your family.

With this in mind, we opened up Olympus HQ to let Cassie have a squiz at us handfolding and minting our halloumi. Cheesemaking is pretty darn interesting, and many people don’t understand the process and what goes into producing it. The hand folding of our signature halloumi is such a mesmerizing process, and we hope Cassie enjoyed it.

The Recipes

Here is a sneak peak at the amazing recipes Cassie created during Greek month, with our Olympus Cheese and Yoghurt. It makes our hearts sing to see our cheese and yoghurt treated so beautifully in these recipes, along with the stunning imagery that makes it all so mouthwatering. We hope this inspires you to try to make some Greek dishes at home yourself.

Images courtesy of Cassie Cook it Real Good


Tzatziki is a yoghurt based dip or sauce, made with strained cucumber, dill, garlic, lemon and Unsweetened Greek Yoghurt. Simple to make, but oh so flavourful. It takes lamb to the next level, but is also equally delicious on salmon, with falafel, or as a dip for entertaining.

Zucchini Fritters with Fetta and Dill

This Greek fritter is officially called Kolokithokeftedes. It translates to “zucchini meatballs.” They are a beautiful fritter which incorporate zesty fetta cheese and flavoursome dill. Cassie recommended serving these beauties with tzatziki.

Mediterranean Chicken Traybake

A beautiful one-tray dish perfect for a weeknight. Lots of flavours from olives and fetta and slow roasted tomatoes to finish. Texturally there is the delicious crispy skin chicken and some lemony Greek potatoes hiding underneath.


If you love spinach, you’ll love spanakopita. Cassie’s recipe uses three cheeses, ricotta, fetta and parmesan with crispy filo. Such a great dish to make for a family gathering – it is always gobbled up immediately.


Gyros, or yiros is a little bit like a kebab, in that the meat is often served from a spit. This delicious chicken version shows you how to make it at home with a marinated chicken and tangy yoghurt sauce.

Greek Salad

A lovely greek salad refreshed with a traditional lemon vinaigrette and topped with crumbled fetta cheese.

Where do I get your cheese and yoghurt?

Head to our Stockists Page to find out where you can get your hands on the good stuff.

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