If there’s one dish that always elicits excitement at Christmas time, it’s the cheese platter. Whether served before, after or as an entire meal you can’t go wrong with a beautiful selection of cheeses. But sometimes, making it look #goals and Instagram-worthy is harder than expected. Olympus Cheese is here to help you create a mouth-watering platter for your nearest and dearest this Christmas.

Step One: It’s all about that base

Your platter matters and a quick scroll through Instagram shows us that a wooden board is the way to go. Apart from looking trendy, a wooden board doesn’t scar easily and you won’t have to replace it as often as a glass or plastic platter. If you don’t have a wooden board, a large plate can be used to a similar effect. Whether it’s round or rectangular, just make sure you are confident in filling it up with all sorts of goodies.

Step Two: Texture = taste

Using different textures not only looks cool but adds a new and interesting taste sensation for your guests. Balance soft gooey cheeses with thick oily pots of dips, candied nuts, smooth cured meats, the crunch of toasted bread and the squeak of halloumi. Consider your guests tastes and offer a mixture that will include something for everyone. At Christmas time, traditional festive fare works really well with cheese. Try combining cherries, gingerbread cookies or even fruitcake.

Step Three: All things come in threes

Always group your ingredients together for a platter. Start by picking three cheeses, we recommend a soft cheese like one of our baked ricottas or a mild brie, marinated fetta and our famous halloumi cheese. Keep in mind cheeses of different sizes, shapes and colours that will look best combined on one platter. Once you have the cheesy bit sorted, select three serving biscuits or crackers and three flavour enhancers like some fruit, nuts, or meat.

Step Four: Colour it in

Try and create a feast for the senses and splash your platter with some gorgeous colour. Find Red from Raspberries, Orange from Rockmelon, Yellow from some cherry tomatoes – imagine the fun you could have incorporating different flavours and colours to your dream cheese platter.

Step Five: How to display

Arrange your carefully chosen types of cheese on the platter at opposite ends of the board, with enough space between them for easy cutting. Don’t try to fit all your biscuits onto your board as it will look overcrowded and if you ever have a cheese wheel, cut it in half so guests don’t feel embarrassed to jump right in and enjoy.

Step Six: Have fun

At the end of the day, serving a cheese platter should put a smile on your guest’s faces but it’s important to enjoy the process and get creative along the way. Cheese platters are fun and easy ways to assemble something for a holiday party without slaving over a hot stove.

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