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Chefs and cooks across Australia love our award-winning Olympus Chef’s Halloumi. This product is sized to achieve perfectly even portions for the food service industry. Our halloumi is a creamy and delectable product, firm enough to hold its shape well when grilled whilst remaining luscious and ‘squeaky’ soft on the inside. The chef’s block is our un-minted variety of halloumi. 

To make our halloumi, we take pasteurised fresh cow’s milk, and create curds and whey using non-animal rennet and starter culture. The curd is drained and the whey put aside for making Olympus Ricotta. We then press the curd into a cheese mold and cut it into a chef’s block size. Next, it is cooled and placed in a light before being packaged in vacuum-packed chef’s portions. 

Serving Suggestions

Olympus Chef’s Halloumi is a ready-to-serve, lower salt product with a luscious texture your customers will enjoy. Create all manner of dishes for your menu using this delicious cheese as the protein base. To serve simply, slice it into 5 mm slices and pan fry in a non-stick pan or grill until it’s golden-brown. Serve immediately with salad (watermelon is particularly lovely) or vegetables, in burgers, wraps and more.

A very versatile cheese, mainly because it does not melt, so it is ideal for breakfasts and grills. Why not serve as a delicious breakfast option with grilled vegetables or avocado and poached eggs? 


Contains pasteurised cows milk, starter culture, non-animal rennet and salt

Storing our Chef’s Halloumi

Olympus Chef’s Halloumi contains no preservatives.

Vacuum-packed Olympus Chef’s Halloumi portions have a shelf life of approximately nine months, should be consumed
within three days of opening and must be stored below 3degC.

Available in

Log approx 1kg – Unminted

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