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Award-winning Olympus Buffalo Halloumi is a delicious, firm cheese, that holds its shape well when grilled and yet remains ‘squeaky’ soft on the inside. As a result of the buffalo milk used to make this cheese the flavour is earthy and not sweet and herbacious like cow’s milk.

From pasteurised fresh buffalo milk, we create curds and whey using non-animal rennet. The curd is drained.

We press the curd into a cheese mould and then hand cut it into rectangular portions and heat it. The cheese is placed in a light brine for 24 hours before packaging in vacuum-packed portions.

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Serving Suggestions

Olympus Buffalo Halloumi is a lower salt product that is ready to serve and ideal for salads. Alternatively, slice it into 5mm slices and pan fry in a non-stick pan or grill until it’s golden-brown. Serve immediately with salad or vegetables.

Why not enjoy Olympus Buffalo Halloumi by cubing it and mixing it with fresh fruit on a platter in summer?

Buffalo Halloumi is a very versatile cheese, mainly because it does not melt and is ideal for breakfasts and barbecues.


Olympus Buffalo Halloumi contains pasteurised buffalo milk, non-animal rennet and salt.

Storing our Buffalo Halloumi

Olympus Buffalo Halloumi contains no preservatives.

Vacuum-packed Olympus Buffalo Halloumi portions have a shelf life of approximately nine months, should be consumed within three days of opening and must be stored below 3degC.

Olympus Buffalo Milk Halloumi is available in

Random weight vacuum-packed portions 250g to 350g

Award-winning cheese

Olympus Halloumi recently won a Silver Medal in the 2018 Dairy Industry Association of Australia Dairy Product Competition – Flavoured Halloumi

2018 dairy industry australia product competition silver awar

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