Olympus Cheese

Olympus teamOlympus Cheese today continues the proud tradition of making Mediterranean cheeses largely by hand. We use Cypriot recipes passed from generation to generation and from owner to owner to make our signature halloumi, ricotta and Australian-style fetta, using non-animal rennet.

The original Olympus Cheese factory was set up in Ferry Road, West End in the 1970s by founder Con Bouras and his family.

By May 1996, Mr Bouras had become gravely ill but wanted to keep the business going. Current owners Michael and Desiree Gavriel bought the business from Mr Bouras in partnership with Michael’s mother and step-father, the Fahham’s. The Gavriels have owned and operated Olympus Cheese outright since 1998.

After the Gavriels took over, demand for Olympus Cheese increased to the point where the business needed facilities with greater manufacturing capacity so Olympus moved to its current premises in Churchill Street, Coorparoo in 2002.

To this day, Olympus Cheese remains the only cheese factory within five kilometres of Brisbane’s CBD.

The business is headed by master cheese maker Michael Gavriel and assisted by his cheese maker brother Emanuel. Desiree Gavriel oversees the business’ financial, operational and administrative matters.

cheesemaking processOver the past 38 years, we have gradually increased the range of products we manufacture, in line with increasing demand and to meet the changing Australian palate.

Olympus Cheese now produces halloumi, fetta and ricotta in bulk and domestic portions as well as variations including baked ricotta, and marinated fetta. We also produce natural unsweetened yoghurt, as well as Greek unsweetened yoghurt in a variety of sizes.

We take great pride in getting our product out the door and to your table as quickly as possible to ensure it is always at its freshest with peak flavour and texture. On average, most Olympus Cheese is manufactured and packaged within 48 hours as we have a much shorter maturation time than others.

Our strict quality controls and attention to freshness and flavour are the reasons why Olympus Cheese consistently wins awards at state and national levels, including being named champion fetta in Australia’s Grand Dairy Awards for 2002.

Olympus Cheese also supplies many Greek and Cypriot festivals with halloumi, including Brisbane’s annual Paniyiri Greek Festival.

When you see us out and about please come and say hello.