The school holidays can drag out for what feels like forever, especially with the endless questions… “What are we doing today?”, “What’s there to eat?” “When are we going to do something fun?” Plus there are always complaints about the heat. Well, here at Olympus Cheese we have an answer to all four of those problems! Use our delicious and nutritious (sssh!) Greek yoghurt to create one of these 3 yummy Greek Yoghurt icy poles. An easy to prepare snack perfect for summer’s sweltering conditions. You’ll love them just as much as the kids do. There’s no need to buy ice blocks from the supermarket when you can make your own healthier ones at home.

Why Greek Yoghurt?

You can use Greek or Plain Natural Unsweetened Yoghurt for these icy poles. We make both in our Brisbane factory so we’re not biased 🙂 However, Greek Yoghurt is particularly thick and creamy, and has oodles of those wonderful probiotics so good for young tummies – we love it! So here are three ideas to start you off with your new summer obsession:


Greek Yoghurt and Berry Ice Blocks

With only three ingredients, these vibrant icy poles will take you no time to create. Place 2 cups of mixed berries, 2 cups of Greek yoghurt and 2 tablespoons of honey and blend or mix together. Spoon the mixture into ice moulds of your choice and put in the freezer for a minimum of 8 hours. This treat doesn’t just look amazing, but tastes delicious too and is refreshing and reasonably healthy too.


Greek Yoghurt and Mango Ice Blocks

Are you a parent of boys who aren’t a fan of pretty pink ice blocks? Simply swap the berries for some fresh, yummy, in season Mangoes! Olympus Cheese is mad for mangoes at the moment and with their vibrant yellow colour, they look like summer in an ice block. Add in three ripe mangoes, (cheeks removed and coarsely chopped) to blend in with a cup of yoghurt. Like the berry block recipe, you can also add some honey, but we find the sweetness of the Mangoes is enough. After putting the mixture into ice block moulds, place in freezer for 8 hours. Once ready, eat and enjoy!


Pick your own Fruit!

The creamy nature of the Greek yoghurt makes these ice blocks extremely versatile, you could pair it with any fruit really. Experiment and have fun with your favourites. We recommend strawberry with lemon juice, strawberry and banana, banana, pineapple and coconut or even lush peaches. These are so nice and light and great to cool you down in the summer heat. Also – a great way for your kids to incorporate more fruit into their diet.

Or if they prefer something plainer, you can even try the plain Greek Yoghurt on its own, or add a little honey and cinnamon, or even maple syrup and a teaspoon of cacao.

Well, that was a little more than 3 ideas, and more than enough to keep the tummies full and tempers cool while the summer days roll on. Enjoy X

We hope you love these three new and delicious Greek Yoghurt icy poles as much as we do! We’d love to see your re-creations so be sure to tag us on Instagram @olympuscheese

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