A little addicted to the salty deliciousness of halloumi and looking for an excuse to use it on your Christmas table? We get it, there is nothing more enticing than perfectly cooked halloumi atop a salad or that salty tang incorporated into a dish. With Christmas, we are looking for something that really is a wow dish – a recipe that’s a little bit special. Here are 3 delicious Australian Christmas recipes which feature halloumi. We are sure they’re going to impress your Christmas guests!

turkey on the christmas table

1. Halloumi stuffed roast turkey

You had me at “halloumi stuffed.” Who would have thought you could stuff your turkey with halloumi? The folks over at Taste, that’s who…Merry Christmas! They have come up with a delicious turkey stuffing which incorporates the saltiness of grated halloumi and chorizo, balanced by sweet prunes. Get this recipe for Roast turkey with prune and chorizo stuffing and take your meal to the next level!

sliced pear for halloumi salad

2. Halloumi, pear and hazelnut salad

A Christmas salad which blends salty, nutty and sweet with the bite of raddichio on a bed of lentils is a lovely way to celebrate with your special people. It ought to be the perfect accompaniment to all those traditional meats and will also be at home with the Christmas seafood if that’s what your Christmas looks more like for you. The lovely Donna Hay has a wonderful recipe for Charred radicchio, pear, haloumi and hazelnut salad which we think is super special for Christmas day.

pomegranate and quinoa for halloumi salad

3. Quinoa, lentil and sweet potato salad with halloumi

Another delicious Christmas halloumi salad has got to involve pomegranate. In season for Christmas, it’s sweet pops of flavour is oh-so-Christmassy! The perfect accompaniment to halloumi because of it’s sweet tang, which balances the halloumi perfectly. This Quinoa, lentil and sweet potato with pan-fried haloumi salad from Ellie Vernon for Better Homes and Gardens is a winner with a host of wonderful flavours. This salad has lots of delicious ingredients which may be a little more time consuming on the day. We recommend preparing as much of the salad as possible ahead of time, leaving the halloumi cooking until just before you’re ready to serve it up so that it is perfectly golden and warm with a nice squishy texture.


Merry Christmas from Olympus Cheese

However you serve your halloumi, we wish you a wonderful Christmas. We look forward to the New Year and all the cheese it can bring! Yours in good health and delicious food, Olympus Cheese.

We hope you love these three new and delicious halloumi recipes as much as we do! We’d love to see your recreations so be sure to tag us on Instagram @olympuscheese If you’d like to know where to purchase our cheese, head to our stockists page.