In our opinion, Ricotta cheese is one of the most underrated cheeses. With a subtle sweetness and slight saltiness, this cheese is so incredibly versatile and easy to use in so many different ways. Sure, ricotta tastes great on its own but its full potential shines when it is incorporated in different dishes, dips and desserts. It was hard, but we managed to whittle down our favourite, delicious recipes and we have listed three of the best below, enjoy and bon appétit!

Spinach and Ricotta Dip

We all know that cheese and dip platters are having a moment, so why not incorporate a new homemade dip in the mix? Mix together a packet of fresh spinach, with one cup of ricotta and one cup of parmesan and a ¼ cup of mayonnaise. Sprinkle in some salt and pepper and drizzle with olive oil to serve with crackers of your choice. The green colour of the dip will add a new and exciting element to your cheeseboard, and will ensure mass compliments from your guests. Plus, with a full packet of spinach in the mix, enjoy a nice serve of vegetables… it still counts if it is covered in cheese right? 

cutting carrots for carrot and ricotta tart

Carrot Tart with Ricotta and Herbs

Ricotta typically frequents delicious, warm and hearty dishes, which are perfect for winter but during summer its natural to want something fresh that can be served cool or warm. Why not try ricotta in a tart with a delicious salad of your choice on the side? We love this one from bon appétit, a carrot tart with ricotta and herbs. With carrots, onions, chives and dill, this tart doesn’t overcomplicate things and allows you to be creative if you feel by adding in some spare vegetables of your own. The creamy texture of the ricotta is paired perfectly with the soft crumble of puff pastry on the edges. This dish is a real treat for lunch or dinner. Head to Bon appetite for the full recipe!

ricotta raspberry mug cake

Raspberry and Ricotta Mug Cake

Now, we’ve had the entrée, main meal, but what’s for dessert? We are suckers for a home baked cake hot out of the oven, but what if we told you that you can make this delicious dessert in only two minutes? Sign us up! The tang of the fresh raspberries really brings this dessert to life and the ricotta keeps the cake soft and fluffy. Whisk ¼ cup of flour and ricotta together, add in 2 tablespoons each of melted butter and maple syrup and add 1 egg. Pour into a large mug of your choice and top with a handful of raspberries before microwaving on high for 2 minutes. We love to serve ours with powdered sugar and a dollop of cream before devouring immediately.

We hope you love these three new and delicious ricotta recipes as much as we do! We’d love to see your recreations so be sure to tag us on Instagram @olympuscheese or head to our recipes page for more yummy ways to love your ricotta.

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Enjoy some of our favourite ricotta recipes