Unsweetened Yoghurt

Since late 2015 Olympus cheese has been producing a natural unsweetened yoghurt made from cow’s milk. We use no preservatives and no added sugar. The cultured milk is pot set and whey off make occur as no thickeners are used and produces a creamy, textured yoghurt.

Serving Suggestions

Olympus Natural Unsweetened yoghurt is delicious as is, with fresh fruit, in a smoothie or served as a replacement for cream in many dishes.


Olympus Natural Unsweetened Yoghurt contains pasteurised cow’s milk and probiotic cultures.

Storing our yoghurt

Olympus Natural Unsweetened yoghurt contains no preservatives or added sugar. Should be refrigerated below 3degC.

Olympus Natural Unsweetened yoghurt is available in

  • 1 kg tubs
  • 2kg tubs
  • Bulk sizes on request