Olympus Fetta

product_fetta Olympus Fetta is a consistent award-winner having been crowned Australia’s Champion Fetta at the Grand Dairy Awards of Australia in 2002 and winning numerous awards since then, including a Gold at the 2008 Brisbane Cheese Awards.

Our fetta is very white, and mild in taste with a creamy, firm texture that cuts easily and is more of an open-textured cheese, due to our short maturation process. We produce an Australian-style fetta which is lower in salt content than many imported styles and is gentle on the palate.

Serving Suggestions

Olympus Fetta is ideal for use in salads, as a table cheese and is also superb for baking in tarts and pastries , including the popular Greek savoury pastry, Spanakopita, using filo pastry, spinach and fetta.


Olympus Fetta contain pasteurised cow’s milk, starter cultures, non-animal rennet and salt.

Storing Our Cheeses

Olympus Fetta sold in tubs in brine has a shelf life of up to six months and should be stored below 3˚C . Our vacuum-packed fetta portions contain no preservatives so should be stored below 3˚C  and consumed within three days of opening.

You can buy Olympus Fetta as: cropped_fetta.jpg