Over the weekend, we attended the 2018 Queensland Dairy Industry Association of Australia Dairy Awards at Rydges, Southbank. Olympus Cheese was fortunate to have come home with GOLD for our marinated fetta. Five of our products also came home with a silver medal. Queensland’s judging is slightly different than the national pool and the cheeses are grouped together into bigger categories. We are feeling very blessed with our results and were delighted to be amongst so many wonderful cheesemakers, and dairy producers, both big and small. Find out which cheeses impressed the judges below.

Cheese Soft or White Category.

  • Olympus Marinated Fetta won GOLD! Our Australian-style fetta is marinated in a garlic and peppercorn oil mixture and it produces a peppery, flavourful fetta which goes beautifully in salads or as part of an antipasto platter. We were stacked against some tough competition, including some of Queensland’s most renowned Brie and Camembert. Well done also to our friends at Maleny Cheese, for also winning gold in this category for their Maleny Camembert product.
  • Ricotta won Silver.  Our versatile and ultra creamy ricotta product was also a great points scorer, with a high silver in this category.
  • Baked Ricotta – Silver. Our yummy baked ricotta came home with silver.
  • Olympus Fetta – Silver Creamy fetta is a favourite across the country and we were delighted to see it place silver in this heavy category.

Yoghurt, Natural or Flavoured (Set/Stirred)

  • Olympus Natural Yoghurt – Silver. Our natural unsweetened yoghurt is preservative and additive free, and is pot set.

Yoghurt – Greek Style Plain or Flavoured

  • Olympus Greek Style Yoghurt – Silver. Our Greek yoghurt scored a high silver. It is also an unsweetened, preservative and additive free pot set yoghurt and a firm favourite of consumers everywhere.

A big thank you to our wonderful team at Olympus Cheese, and to the public for their unwavering support of our great local product.

Why not try our award-winning range of fresh cheese and yoghurt yourself?

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