buffalo milk fettaOur Olympus Buffalo Fetta is very white, and has an earthy, mild taste with a creamy, firm texture that cuts easily and is more of a closed textured cheese. We produce an Australian-style fetta which is
lower in salt content than many imported styles and is gentle on the palate.

From the pasteurised buffalo milk which we source from the Malany area, we create curds and whey which are pressed, drained and brined for a few days. The cheese is then packed ready to be eaten at your table.

Serving Suggestions

Olympus Buffalo Fetta is ideal for use in salads, as a table cheese and is also superb for baking in tarts and pastries.


Olympus Buffalo Fetta contains pasteurised buffalo milk, starter cultures, non-animal rennet and salt.

Storing Our Cheeses

Olympus Buffalo Fetta is sold in vacuum packs and has a shelf life of six months and should be stored below 3degC and consumed within three days of opening.

You can buy Olympus Buffalo Fetta as:

  • Random weight between 200g and 300g vacuum pack