Welcome to the home of OLYMPUS CHEESE,
manufacturers of premium quality halloumi, ricotta and fetta.



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Welcome to the home of Olympus Cheese, manufacturers of premium quality halloumi, ricotta, and fetta .

A family-owned and operated business, we specialise in making cheese to time-honoured Cypriot methods, using the freshest, creamiest cow’s milk and by retaining strict quality control throughout the process. What sets our cheese apart from others is the love and care with which we handcraft every batch of cheese.It’s an approach that has seen Olympus Cheese win numerous awards including the highest accolade the industry can offer.

Olympus Cheese is now also producing Award winning Buffalo Milk Halloumi and Buffalo Milk Fetta. The composition of buffalo milk produces a creamier texture with earthy undertones. 

Our product is pure, fresh and unadulterated, containing no preservatives.

Olympus Cheese is delicious and palate-pleasing, due to its clean, fresh creamy flavour, soft, moist texture, gentle mouthfeel and low salt content.

The Olympus range includes cows milk halloumi, fetta, fresh ricotta, baked ricotta, lemon-pepper baked ricotta, marinated fetta, fetta with cracked black pepper and fetta in brine as well as buffalo milk halloumi and fetta.

Ideal for today’s busy lifestyle, you can serve Olympus halloumi, fetta and ricotta straight from the pack or incorporate it easily into snacks and meals that will soon become family favourites.

To begin your journey of discovery with Olympus Cheese why not get creative with our online recipes ?

Olympus cheese is also widely used in the professional food service industry by restaurants, cafes, catering companies, pasta manufacturers, confectioners and pizza shops.

You can buy Olympus Cheese products from many retailers throughout Queensland and northern New South Wales. Orders for the food service industry and trade can be placed through our network of wholesalers across Australia.

As a family-owned and operated boutique cheese company, we’d love to hear your suggestions and encourage you to share your favourite recipes using Olympus Cheese, that may be featured in our online recipe of the month.


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